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Lithium-7-Powered Nuclear Fission Subcritical Reactor: Safe Nuclear Power

A lithium-based fission reactor that generates safe, clean electricity while reducing the amount of discarded lithium batteries that end up in landfills. Background: Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal, have still failed to replace coal, oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels, despite decades of technology development...
Published: 2/12/2024   |   Inventor(s): Matthew Szydagis
Keywords(s): #SUNYresearch, aerospace, applied physics, atomic power, automotive, chemistry, clean energy, climate change, dark matter WIMPs, energy, engineering, environment, experimental physics, green energy, heating, ion beam physics, lithium ion battery, materials science and engineering, nuclear physics, physics, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > University at Albany, Technology Classifications > Energy, Technology Classifications > Environment, Technology Classifications > Clean Energy

Semicarbazones Synthesis Using Ethyl Lactate or Dimethyl Isosorbide as a Green Solvent

A novel method for synthesizing semicarbazones without toxic solvents that is both faster and produces higher yields. Background: Semicarbazones comprise an important structural class of compounds with valuable and diverse biological properties. They are used to synthesize various heterocyclic compounds, which have wide ranges of pharmacological activities...
Published: 3/12/2024   |   Inventor(s): Eric Helms, Jacqueline Bennett
Keywords(s): chemicals, environment, environmental chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymers, TAF
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Materials and Chemicals, Campus > SUNY Geneseo, Campus > SUNY Oneonta

Detector and Detector Array for Fast Time-resolved X-ray Single Photon Detection

­Detects single X-ray photons with high temporal resolution and high efficiency. Background: Photodetectors capable of detecting a single photon are in increasing demand for applications such as quantum computing and imaging, time-of-flight LiDAR, and dark matter detection. One type of single-photon detection involves X-rays. Ultrafast single...
Published: 12/26/2023   |   Inventor(s): Serge Oktyabrsky, Michael Yakimov
Keywords(s): biomedical engineering, energy, environment, microsystem, Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Biomedical Science and Engineering, Campus > SUNY Polytechnic Institute

High Silica Pd/Catalysts with Enhanced Low Temperature Methane Oxidation Performance

Pd-based silica (Si/Al > 50) small pore zeolite catalysts with increased durability and improved low temperature CH4 oxidation performance (> 90% CH4 conversion at temperatures < 400ºC). Background: Natural gas has garnered attention as a cleaner alternative fuel for vehicles compared to gasoline or diesel. Natural gas vehicle (NGV)...
Published: 2/2/2024   |   Inventor(s): Tala Mon, Jingzhi Liu, Chih-Han (Judy) Liu, Junjie Chen, Viktor Cybulskis, Eleni Kyriakidou
Keywords(s): Environment, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > University at Buffalo, Technology Classifications > Environment, Technology Classifications > Materials and Chemicals, Technology Classifications > Nanotechnology

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