MMSE-HR dataset (Multimodal Spontaneous Expression-Heart Rate dataset)

Recent studies in computer vision have shown that, while practically invisible to a human observer, skin color changes due to blood flow can be captured on the face and can be used to estimate heart rate (HR). This strategy dynamically selects face regions useful for robust HR estimation. Our approach, inspired by recent advances in matrix completion theory, allows us to predict the HR while simultaneously discovering the best regions of the face to use for estimation. This database contains 102 videos of 40 subjects, including 2D facial expression video sequences and the corresponding heart-rate (HR) and blood-pressure (BP) sequences.


- Facial expression annotated for both the occurrence and intensity of facial action units from 2D video by experts in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS).

- Database includes a diverse array of participants.

-Could lead to non-invasive, remote heart rate estimation from a 2D camera for healthcare purposes.


Binghamton University RB537

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