Robust Diaphragm for an Acoustic Device

This technology involves a microphone diaphragm that is connected to the surrounding structure through an internal supporting structure. The internal supporting structure of the diaphragm provides a combination of torsional and translational stiffeners, which resemble a number of crossbars. These stiffeners brace and support the diaphragm motion, thus causing its response to not be adversely affected by fabrication stresses. The diaphragm maintains exceptional flatness under the influence of either compressive or tensile stresses that may arise during fabrication. The dynamic response of the diaphragm is extremely close to that of an ideal plate over a frequency range extending well beyond the audio range.




•  The dynamic characteristics may be readily tuned without adversely influencing the flatness or ruggedness of the device


•  The design concept is highly robust and is tolerant of a number of fabrication defects


•  Maintains good dimensional control under the influences of residual stresses, either compressive or tensile, while having its dynamic response dominated only by a single mode of vibration.


Intellectual Property

US 7,876,924 & 8,582,795




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