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Proton Computed Tomographic Image Reconstruction from Curved Paths

Computerized image reconstruction, specifically paths of proton particles, applicable to radiation therapy for cancer patients Background: Computed tomographic image reconstruction has typically focused on X-rays or photons in the body. This has become an increasingly popular way for radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Proton beams are better...
Published: 7/5/2020   |   Inventor(s): Zhengrong Liang, Yan Liu, Jianhua Ma
Category(s): Medical Imaging, Campus > Stony Brook University

Synthesis of a Novel Positron Imaging Tomography (PET) Imaging Agent for Bacterial Infection

A PET tracer, [18F]F-PABA which is taken up only by bacterial cells thus making it specific for diagnosing infection. Background: Bacterial infections such as those of prosthetic joints, bones (osteomyelitis) and heart valves (infective endocarditis) are difficult to diagnose and treat, and are a major cause of mortality, morbidity and health care...
Published: 1/24/2020   |   Inventor(s): Peter Tonge, Zhuo Zhang, Peter Smith-Jones, Hui Wang, Li Liu
Keywords(s): Technology
Category(s): Research Tools and Reagents, Diagnostics, Campus > Stony Brook University

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