Technology - A New Bioorthogonal Reaction

A New Bioorthogonal Reaction

A fast, stable, versatile biomolecule coupling technology based on a bioorthogonal reaction that can occur at neutral pH and room temperature


“Click Chemistry” reactions are high yielding, wide in scope, create only byproducts that can be removed without chromatography, simple to perform, and can be conducted in easily removable or benign solvents. This concept was developed in parallel with the interest within the pharmaceutical, materials, and other industries in capabilities for generating large libraries of compounds for screening in discovery research. 

Technology Overview:

The versatile biomolecule coupling technology is based on a bioorthogonal reaction using formylphenylboronic acid click reagents. A boronic acid or ester having an ortho carbonyl or aldehyde on an optionally substituted aryl or aromatic heterocyclic compound reacts with an alpha-effect amine under biologically compatible conditions. The resulting dehydration reaction, forming a hydrazono or imino arylboronic acid product, is frequently followed by a second reaction to form a heterocyclic ring that contains a boron atom.


  • Rapid: Reaction occurs in minutes at neutral pH and room temperature.
  • Stable: High solubility and serum stability of therapeutic antibody conjugates.
  • Tunable: Control of conjugate stability via informed selection of features of reactive pair. 

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