A New Bioorthogonal Reaction

The versatile biomolecule coupling technology is based on a bioorthogonal reaction using formylphenylboronic acid click reagents. A boronic acid or ester having an ortho carbonyl or aldehyde on an optionally substituted aryl or aromatic heterocyclic compound reacts with an alpha-effect amine under biologically compatible conditions. The resulting dehydration reaction, forming a hydrazono or imino arylboronic acid product, is frequently followed by a second reaction to form a heterocyclic ring that contains a boron atom.


  • Rapid: Reaction occurs in minutes at neutral pH and room temperature.
  • Stable: High solubility and serum stability of therapeutic antibody conjugates.
  • Tunable: Control of conjugate stability via informed selection of features of reactive pair. 

Intellectual Property:

U.S. 9,758,533


Binghamton University RB395


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