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Determining the Donor Age Based on Raman Spectroscopy of a Bloodstain

Novel methodology helps forensic investigators determine victim's age from bloodstains. Background: In the absence of a body at a crime scene, forensic investigators must rely on whatever biological material is left behind to determine the sex, race, and age of perpetrators and victims. That often means analyzing stains like blood, sweat, and...
Published: 1/22/2024   |   Inventor(s): Igor Lednev
Keywords(s): biological, blood, blood based technology, crime scene analysis, DNA, evidence collection, forensic tool, forensics, laboratory blood test, Raman spectroscopy, raman system, spectroscopy, TAF, Technologies, trace evidence
Category(s): Campus > University at Albany, Technology Classifications > Diagnostics

Enhancing Responses to Chemical Interventions by Programmed Introduction of Multiple Refractory Periods

A medical device that can deliver multiple, brief intervention doses over a 24 hour period that improves cell biologic responses. Background: The ability of any exogenous intervention, be it physical or chemical in nature, to influence cell activity is markedly enhanced by incorporating a rest period between stimulation periods within any given...
Published: 6/5/2023   |   Inventor(s): Clinton Rubin
Keywords(s): Adaptation, Adipogenesis, Adult Stem Cells, Augmentation, Bioelectrical, Bioengineering, Biological, Biomechanical, Biomedical or Biotechnology, Device, Enhancement, Intervention, Mechanical, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Non-invasive, Osteogenesis, Pharmaceutical, Repair, Stimulation, Technologies, Timing, Tissue
Category(s): Campus > Stony Brook University, Technology Classifications > Medical Devices, Technology Classifications > Therapeutics

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