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Drill Guide/Suture Passer for Posterior Approach Total Hip Soft Tissue Repair

­Combined drill guide and suture passer for use in assisting repair following posterior approach total hip arthroplasty. Background: The posterior approach to the hip for total hip replacement as well as trauma, pediatric orthopedic surgery, and tumors is the most common approach for total hip arthroplasties. However, the performance of this...
Published: 5/1/2024   |   Inventor(s): Timothy Damron
Keywords(s): biomedical engineering, biotechnology, hardware, healthcare, medical devices, medical equipment, orthopedics, surgery, suturing technique, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > Upstate Medical University, Technology Classifications > Medical Devices

Production of Salivary Gland Epithelial Progenitors and Acinar Organoids

Human UPSC-based tissue engineering system to develop salivary gland epithelial progenitors used to construct acinar organoids that mimic glandular microarchitecture and function. Background: Organoids are three-dimensional cell constructs that replicate the complicated tissue microarchitecture of specialized epithelial tissues. These constructs...
Published: 3/8/2024   |   Inventor(s): Stelios Andreadis, Ronel Samuel, Olga Baker, Kihoon Nam
Keywords(s): Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Featured, Medical Devices, Research Tool, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > University at Buffalo, Technology Classifications, Technology Classifications > Biological Materials, Technology Classifications > Screens and Assays

Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy Fixation Device

Fixation device to secure bone fragment of tibial tuberosity to native bone after osteotomy surgical procedure. Background: Standard osteotomy techniques to join the tibial tubercle fragment to native bone include screw fixation alone or fixation with wire or suture, which are not reliable methods to holding the bone in place to avoid displacement...
Published: 5/7/2024   |   Inventor(s): Timothy Damron
Keywords(s): biomedical, biomedical engineering, hardware, healthcare, instrumentation, medical devices, medical equipment, orthopedics, osteoarthritis, surgery, suturing technique, Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Medical Devices, Campus > Upstate Medical University

Detector and Detector Array for Fast Time-resolved X-ray Single Photon Detection

­Detects single X-ray photons with high temporal resolution and high efficiency. Background: Photodetectors capable of detecting a single photon are in increasing demand for applications such as quantum computing and imaging, time-of-flight LiDAR, and dark matter detection. One type of single-photon detection involves X-rays. Ultrafast single...
Published: 12/26/2023   |   Inventor(s): Serge Oktyabrsky, Michael Yakimov
Keywords(s): biomedical engineering, energy, environment, microsystem, Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Biomedical Science and Engineering, Campus > SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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