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Nanoporous Materials for Direct Air Capture

An amine-based ultrathin polyamide coating for direct carbon dioxide capture from air and point sources with low carbon dioxide concentrations. Background: Direct air capture (DAC) technologies allow extraction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storage or conversion to value-added chemicals through catalysis. DAC materials must demonstrate...
Published: 3/6/2024   |   Inventor(s): Miao Yu, Kaleb Friedman
Keywords(s): Chemistry, Energy, Featured, Materials & Chemicals, Research Tool, Surface Research, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > University at Buffalo, Technology Classifications > Materials and Chemicals, Technology Classifications > Environment

Lithium-7-Powered Nuclear Fission Subcritical Reactor: Safe Nuclear Power

A lithium-based fission reactor that generates safe, clean electricity while reducing the amount of discarded lithium batteries that end up in landfills. Background: Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal, have still failed to replace coal, oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels, despite decades of technology development...
Published: 2/12/2024   |   Inventor(s): Matthew Szydagis
Keywords(s): #SUNYresearch, aerospace, applied physics, atomic power, automotive, chemistry, clean energy, climate change, dark matter WIMPs, energy, engineering, environment, experimental physics, green energy, heating, ion beam physics, lithium ion battery, materials science and engineering, nuclear physics, physics, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > University at Albany, Technology Classifications > Energy, Technology Classifications > Environment, Technology Classifications > Clean Energy

Detector and Detector Array for Fast Time-resolved X-ray Single Photon Detection

­Detects single X-ray photons with high temporal resolution and high efficiency. Background: Photodetectors capable of detecting a single photon are in increasing demand for applications such as quantum computing and imaging, time-of-flight LiDAR, and dark matter detection. One type of single-photon detection involves X-rays. Ultrafast single...
Published: 12/26/2023   |   Inventor(s): Serge Oktyabrsky, Michael Yakimov
Keywords(s): biomedical engineering, energy, environment, microsystem, Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Biomedical Science and Engineering, Campus > SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Membrane Chiller

A chemical-free, thermally activated air-conditioning system. Technology Overview: This refrigerant-free air conditioning system uses specialized water permeable membranes and system architecture instead of a heating coil to cool and dehumidify air. The membrane chiller is driven by low temperature heat, including available low-temperature waste...
Published: 5/1/2024   |   Inventor(s): Jon Owejan
Keywords(s): #SUNYresearch, air conditioning, chiller, dehumidification, energy, energy conservation, engineering, heat pump
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Engineering, Technology Classifications > Energy Conservation, Campus > Alfred State College

The Addition of Graphene and Metal or Metal Oxide-Modified Graphene to Improve Organic Solar Cells

The addition of graphene or metal-graphene to organic polymer solar cells improves energy production without high silicon costs Background: Presently, organic solar cells are extremely expensive due to the materials used. Additionally, they are inefficient due to a large amount of energy lost in the production process. This discovery offers...
Published: 11/22/2023   |   Inventor(s): Miriam Rafailovich, Rebecca Isseroff, Li Hongfei, Andrew Chen
Keywords(s): Energy, Graphene, Polymer, Technologies
Category(s): Campus > Stony Brook University, Technology Classifications > Energy Conservation, Technology Classifications > Electronics and Electronic Materials, Technology Classifications > Material and Composites

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